Quidditch Confidence


Play this card only if there is a Match in play. Trade total progress toward winning a Match with an opponent. Then do 4 damage to that opponent.

Illustrated by abosz007





Notes and Rules for Quidditch Confidence

Switching total progress towards a Match means that you and an opponent exchange totals of how close you are to winning a Match. This can include, but is not limited to: damage, number of Actions used to do X, or cards drawn.
Matches check for progress as Spells resolve. This means if a Match checks to see if a Spell has been played, as soon as the Spell is played, the Match updates its progress. If you play a Spell that wins you a Match, the prize is yours and no progress can be made toward the Match and the winner of the prize cannot be changed.
You must switch progress if you play this card. Do everything on the card, in order. You cannot play this card just to do 4 damage.